Based on the citrus cultivation of Süleyman Gökalp in 1923 and continuing as the most rooted family company of Mersin until today, GÖKALP Construction Petrol Kantar Automotive Agricultural Products Trade and Industry Limited Company continues to grow its own production day for its family.
In the current situation, approximately 250 tons of bananas are harvested from the 500 decare garden belonging to the family members and 1000 tons of citrus fruits, the density of which is lemon, and from the 30 decare greenhouse.
Packaging and storage activities have been initiated since 2006, and existing facilities have been made suitable for food production and storage. With the 60-ton weighbridge, extra service continues to be provided to different shipping companies.
In 2008, Gökalp Tarım’s first export was realized with 8 tons / Citrus Grading and Packaging Line, Medicinal Sprinkling Machine in order to mechanize the packaging process and increase the capacity and quality.
In 2011, we have our facility by realizing a large-scale investment with an “investment incentive certificate”. The closed area of ​​the facility has reached 1400 ha, and the storage capacity has been increased to 400 by increasing the number of cold storages. In addition, the Citrus Grading and Packaging Line, the “Sizing, Waxing and Boat Section” was renewed, and the “Netting Line and All Equipments” was added, and the production of “Mesh Product”, which is a strength for Gökalp Tarım, started. By expanding this process purchasing machine equipment park, a modern production, packaging and transportation facilities have been achieved. As it can be understood from the history, Gökalp Tarım has been in a continuous investment and a new investment has started again to catch up with the 2016 season and 1888 square meters of closed area will be built starting in September.
Our foreign market consists of Romania, Ukraine and Russia. Dubai, where short term market research and communications are made, is targeted. After the political problems coded with Russia for the sector, new markets were made obligatory.
The strength of our company that can make such an imbalance in exports is the domestic chain markets market it owns, thanks to its ability to produce high-capacity “netted products”. Through other companies it is associated with, products with netting are sold to industry giants such as A101, Migros and Şok Market. Net products are produced for local / regional chain markets of Marmara Region and Ankara without intermediaries. 25% of mesh is exported.
Our company has a strong organizational structure consisting of full-time employees of 28 partners. He teaches purchases and finance courses marketing and sales by one of the partners with breeding experience. Project manager Serkan Gökalp holds a Business License and a Master of Business Administration-Marketing. He is the Factory Manager for facility management and supports the Marketing Unit. In our accounting unit, a strong team consists of financial advisor Accounting Manager and Finance graduate Accounting Officer.